The Fallacy Of The US Congress – Do They Really Represent The People?

The United States CongressThe United States Congress is the legislative arm of the U.S. Federal government. They are all elected by the American people to represent their interests. In recent years, there are many who feel Congress is not doing its job very well. U.S. politics is rife with cronyism and big money and many of our elected representatives are financially beholding to corporations and lobbyists who help them get elected. This has resulted in what many believe is a very broken system.

The recent U.S. presidential race brought to light just how broken the entire political system is in the United States. While the losing candidate received almost three million more votes than the winning candidate, she will still not be President. The winning candidate won enough Electoral College votes to win the election. He did this by only 80,000 votes, but because the U.S. political system provides that the Electoral will officially elect the President, he wins.

Some believe the Electoral College is no longer a valid way to elect our highest office. This may be true, but it would take a legislative change by the US Congress to change the process. The Executive branch of our government, the President would have to sign the legislation and even then, the legislation would very likely be challenged through the US court system and probably end up in the judicial branch of our Federal government, the US Supreme Court.

In the United States, we are proud of our heritage of freedom. We are also proud of the ability of the people to elect those who will represent us. Unfortunately, in the US Congress, many of those who are elected to represent the people are more likely to do the bidding of those who financed their election. This needs to change, but until America gets big money out of its election process, nothing will change.

San Antonio Personal Injury Firms Help

personal injury law firmSan Antonio personal injury firms can help you if you have ever been involved in a serious accident. It does not matter whether the accident is a vehicle accident, a work-related accident, or an accident at a private or public location. It is important to contact one of the many San Antonio injury lawyers as soon as you can so that they can have a qualified attorney start working on your claim.

Many people who have been injured do not realize the importance of having an attorney available as soon as the accident has occurred. In fact, it is advisable to have on your person the contact information of a law firm or lawyer that you have decided to use well in advance of such an a situation happening. For example, if you were to be involved in a serious car accident and were unable to communicate then the ambulance drivers would check into your wallet or purse to find identification. If part of your identification contained the contact information of your legal representative then they would be able to call them immediately.

There are so many things to consider after being involved in a serious accident. Some of the considerations include medical expenses both current and in the future, repair or replacement of any material possessions, future rehabilitation costs, related drug costs, and compensation for pain and suffering. All of these details may not seem important immediately after a serious accident but they will be critical soon afterwards.

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Unfortunately, many people who have been involved in a serious accident do not have the capability of making important legal decisions. Some of these legal decisions include settlements with insurance companies, future job loss situations, and dealing with various hospitals. All of these decisions can be made by an experienced injury lawyer. An experienced injury lawyer will be able to handle all of your affairs which will allow you to recuperate without having the extra burden of dealing with insurance agents, doctors, other lawyers, and so forth.

Therefore, if you are ever involved in an accident of any type make sure that you are able to contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible. Injury lawyers will not charge you a fee upfront but rather they will charge you a percentage of the settlement. This fact alone will eliminate one of the many burdens that you will have to be aware of after an accident occurs.

How Will Congress Coexist With President Trump?

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency has shocked many pundits, voters, and other countries. There is a lot of concern by some and hope by others as to whether or not he will fulfill his many campaign promises. However, many of them will be altered, approved, or even aborted because of whether or not Congress supports them or not.

Given that the House of Representatives is predominantly Republican, it is not expected that Trump’s agenda will meet much resistance in the lower chamber. While there are some Democrats, their power is going to be minimal for the time being. However, Speaker Paul Ryan does not see eye to eye with the incoming administration on issues like Medicare and the Affordable Care Act.

Things get more complicated in the Senate. The Democrats do not have enough votes to stop many bills or votes on their own, but only need a few Republican votes to stop things from happening on a case by case basis. Many of Trump’s chosen nominees for critical administration posts and cabinet positions have caused concern on Capitol Hill, so lengthy and sometimes fruitless confirmation hearings may drag on for months into the first term of the next President.

Taken together, the two chambers of Republicans are very likely to also have their own agenda, distinct from the White House. They very badly want to reduce taxes and cut spending, particularly gutting or privatizing the Affordable Care Act and Medicare. However, anything they do is going to likely have near-future blowback, given that midterm elections are due up in 2018.

As a historical rule of thumb, the President’s party suffers losses in the first midterm election of the first term. While Democrats can take nothing for granted, they do stand to gain seats in both houses, possibly even flipping the Senate back to their control.


Hire An Attorney To Help You Understand How The Auto Accident Laws Apply To Your Case

automobile accidents

Were you recently injured in an auto accident that wasn’t your fault?

Auto accident law is complicated and it can be challenging to determine if someone else is at fault. Hiring an attorney who specializes in auto accidents in your state can be a smart move if you believe you are due compensation or damages as a result of your injuries. How much, if any monetary damages you may deserve will depend on the circumstances of the vehicle accident. This is where an auto accident lawyer can help.

If you are seriously injured, it may take a while to heal and return to normal. If you lose money because you can’t work, you may be eligible for compensation. If the accident wasn’t your fault, the other party may be held responsible for paying all your medical bills as well. These can certainly add up and you shouldn’t have to pay for injuries that were not your fault.

An experienced auto accident attorney will know the auto accident laws in your state and can determine if you have a case against the party who caused the accident. Your attorney will know which documentation is required to prove your case and will have a strong network of expert witnesses and researchers who can help gather testimony, paperwork, and reconstruct the accident scenario.

It is important to discuss your case with an attorney, even if you don’t plan on asking for compensation. You may discover that you are due for money or damages that you weren’t even aware of. Hiring an auto accident attorney can take the pressure off your shoulders while you are trying to heal.

With an auto accident damages case, there are many deadlines to be met and much paperwork to be filed. This is difficult to do yourself, especially if you are hurt. Your attorney will know which deadlines are important in your case and will ensure all paperwork is in and filed on time.

Some deadlines are as early as a few days following the accident, so the earlier you meet with an attorney, the better it is. Your attorney can even help with completing the accident report for your insurance company and will negotiate with the other party’s insurance company on the amount of damages and compensation you are due.

Auto accident laws vary from state to state. This is why it is important to find a good auto accident attorney to represent you during negotiations.

What Can A Defendant Expect When It Comes To The Court Process?

courtroomThe court process is something all too familiar with me in reference to my younger days. From civil court, to juvenile court to criminal court and traffic court, I’ve seen them all, some of them multiple times. Traffic court was one of my favorites, and the juvenile court was because I was a witness to my friend and what he did in self defense for me. He was finally acquitted of his charges on his second appeal.

I haven’t seen the inside of a courtroom in years though. Recently, my friends told me they were having to go through the court process after being pulled over and each of them charged with possession. It is common knowledge to me that they have a problem with harder drugs, and my friend’s wife was the one with it on her. My friend was also charged with simple possession of marijuana. I have been talking to him and being supportive, and things are working out okay so far.

judgeThey were both able to bond out of jail. That is one thing about the court process. It is slow, and you don’t want to have to sit in jail until your court date. Some jurisdictions will really let you sit there. Others have overcrowded jails and don’t want to let people pack them full to the brim, so they will process you more quickly. Still, you have to go through the booking process, and you then are in the system and have to go through the court process.

The court process can be different for everyone. Sometimes it’s as simple as a plea deal down to a lesser charge as long as you plead guilty no contest. Other times you might be fighting the charges or at least need to explore other options. What is the court process going to be looking like for you?