What Can A Defendant Expect When It Comes To The Court Process?

courtroomThe court process is something all too familiar with me in reference to my younger days. From civil court, to juvenile court to criminal court and traffic court, I’ve seen them all, some of them multiple times. Traffic court was one of my favorites, and the juvenile court was because I was a witness to my friend and what he did in self defense for me. He was finally acquitted of his charges on his second appeal.

I haven’t seen the inside of a courtroom in years though. Recently, my friends told me they were having to go through the court process after being pulled over and each of them charged with possession. It is common knowledge to me that they have a problem with harder drugs, and my friend’s wife was the one with it on her. My friend was also charged with simple possession of marijuana. I have been talking to him and being supportive, and things are working out okay so far.

judgeThey were both able to bond out of jail. That is one thing about the court process. It is slow, and you don’t want to have to sit in jail until your court date. Some jurisdictions will really let you sit there. Others have overcrowded jails and don’t want to let people pack them full to the brim, so they will process you more quickly. Still, you have to go through the booking process, and you then are in the system and have to go through the court process.

The court process can be different for everyone. Sometimes it’s as simple as a plea deal down to a lesser charge as long as you plead guilty no contest. Other times you might be fighting the charges or at least need to explore other options. What is the court process going to be looking like for you?