The Fallacy Of The US Congress – Do They Really Represent The People?

The United States CongressThe United States Congress is the legislative arm of the U.S. Federal government. They are all elected by the American people to represent their interests. In recent years, there are many who feel Congress is not doing its job very well. U.S. politics is rife with cronyism and big money and many of our elected representatives are financially beholding to corporations and lobbyists who help them get elected. This has resulted in what many believe is a very broken system.

The recent U.S. presidential race brought to light just how broken the entire political system is in the United States. While the losing candidate received almost three million more votes than the winning candidate, she will still not be President. The winning candidate won enough Electoral College votes to win the election. He did this by only 80,000 votes, but because the U.S. political system provides that the Electoral will officially elect the President, he wins.

Some believe the Electoral College is no longer a valid way to elect our highest office. This may be true, but it would take a legislative change by the US Congress to change the process. The Executive branch of our government, the President would have to sign the legislation and even then, the legislation would very likely be challenged through the US court system and probably end up in the judicial branch of our Federal government, the US Supreme Court.

In the United States, we are proud of our heritage of freedom. We are also proud of the ability of the people to elect those who will represent us. Unfortunately, in the US Congress, many of those who are elected to represent the people are more likely to do the bidding of those who financed their election. This needs to change, but until America gets big money out of its election process, nothing will change.